Permanent Make-Up


Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)

If you’d like to wake up every morning with enhanced and well-defined eyes without wasting precious time applying eyeliner and worrying about its precision, then consider a full,
semi-permanent eyeliner treatment. The eyeliner can be drawn subtly or as a slight wing, and close to the lash line on the bottom.

Eyeliner (Top/Bottom)

You may choose to an eyeliner application to either your top or bottom lash line. They will each result in a different effect, so your choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences; but they are guaranteed to truly complement your eyes. We offer a range of colors and you’ll be informed about the best shape to suit your eyes; This will be thoroughly discussed before the procedure.

Eyeliner (Designer)

This is ideal for women who won’t shy away from a more dramatic eyeliner or for women who’d like to ditch eye makeup completely. As this involves a bolder wing that can either evoke a
cat-eye appearance or that will create a smokey-shadow look, it’s enough to make a statement. Either shapes will be drawn to suit your eye shape while defining and enhancing them.

Eyeliner (Corrective)

When brands are not well-chosen, the pigments often fade into unsuitable colors or a shape that doesn’t compliment the face. A correcting procedure will involve lightening the existing pigmentation, reshaping the line, and the reapplying color.

Eyeliner (Touch-Up)

While semi-permanent eyeliner can last up to three years, the results are ultimately dependent on your level of care. If you’d like to add more intensity to your color, it can be freshly applied a few years post-treatment.

Lips (Liner)

A lip liner treatment will naturally affect corrections and enhancements to the shape of your lips. Even if you’d prefer to have your lips lined with a darker color, the color will be blended seamlessly into the inner lips, thus preventing an artificial or awkward appearance.

Lips (Full)

This procedure will involve the entire lip in order to add beautiful color, enhance the shape, and affect plumper, fuller lips. A full lip treatment can also act as a corrective treatment for women with uneven or discolored lips. The results from this treatment last longer than lip fillers while brightening and beautifying the rest of your face. The color, shape, and desired effect will be discussed pre-treatment.

Lips (Corrective)

Corrective treatments may involve either topical or non-laser treatments depending on the client’s circumstances and needs. As with other forms of permanent makeup, a correcting procedure may involve removing the existing pigmentation, reshaping the lip liner, and/or reapplying color.

Lips (Touch-Up)

During your consultation you can discuss how much color you would like. The intensity of desired color will determine the amount of touch-ups that will be required. Most lip procedures require at least one touch up.


Microblading is ideal for those lacking naturally full, defined, or symmetric brows.
This process involves making precise strokes, which mimic the direction and length of your natural brows. Since pigments are used rather than ink, it will not fade into a blue-green. This process only takes about two hours, but you’ll have beautiful brows for up to three years!

Microblading (Touch up)

Touch-up sessions are recommended for maximum color retention, but they are not necessary. Clients who are fully satisfied with their brow’s shape and color after the first session prefer to come back annually for maintenance.

Microblading (Corrective)

A corrective procedure focuses on adjusting either the color or the shape of your eyebrows. Since the brand, color, and composition of the previous pigments are unknown, a consultation with Shihan is required to determine the safest and most efficient corrective method.


We offer different service packages with reduced pricing, for:
• A full semi-permanent set
• A semi-permanent dual-combination set
• A semi-permanent with eyelash extensions set Pricing will be discussed as part of the consultation.

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