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I have been to many beauty salons and spas, but SHIHAN was by far my absolute FAVORITE! I guess the best way of describing it is…you know how us girls buy a BUNCH of skin care products? Well….SHIHAN’s all natural products will make you clear the room on your bathroom counter because i assure you that you will want to throw away all your other skin care products. It is the same concept with this spa. You will be sure you rule out all of the other spas you have gone to in the past once you have an experience at SHIHAN. If you have acne problems…she will perform series of treatments to get to the root of your pores and deep clean them of the everyday dirts, oils and make-up that build up  in our pores which is what causes the acne in the first place. Also, it was my best eyebrow threading experience BY FAR. Her many years of experience in threading truly shows when you see the end result of your eyebrows once she is finished. She is gentle with the things she does, and she provides a quiet, calm and soothing environment in which she performs her work. Also, it is hard to find a spa these days where they make you TRULY feel like you are important! There has not been a day I had left SHIHAN without having a cup of tea, sitting and chatting with her. She makes her clients feel like its ALL ABOUT THEM!!!!! I recommend everyone give it a try!!!! I am 100% sure you will make SHIHAN your spa of choice!

I believe that Shihan’s philosophy creates a complete and modern approach to skin care that fulfills your skincare needs and achieves incomparable RESULTS. Shihan’s makeup is for no occasion or all occasions, it is so pure that you can sleep in it. I love they way she treats the consumer with love and compassion. I believe that that’s all a sales man or women needs to succeed in business.

Thank you does not begin to express my feelings. Your tender care has been life altering for me. I am filled with gratitude to know you. Meeting you has surely been an answer to prayer. With your most kind and gentle heart and fine professional training, I have a whole new face. As you know, the very idea of threading was new to me only two short months ago. How you’ve changed the texture of my skin is astonishing! I am sending you and your entire Blessed family peace and best wishes for 2006 and always.